Artist Statement

The extreme can feel so real and unreal at the same time. I love the chaos and adventure of human interaction augmented by the process of growing and trying to make it through life. My drawing and paintings are a result of a composite of sources, though most the elements are from observation they function in a way that is much richer than any one observed source. The stories are from life reexamined and distilled into theatrical versions of social situations. I place the people in my work at odds with each other or their environments and it comes out a mixture of complicated feelings. I like balancing the fun of chaos with the dual joy and torture of intimacy; solitude as a sanctuary and penance. I try to express this by combining the dangerous with the whimsical. The characters in my paintings are often in search of or reaching for something that is just out of their grasp. The feeling of longing or the drive of curiosity is like the painting processes itself. I am currently exploring the theme of how relocation changes our sense of identity and how identity can be tied to place. As a new resident of Alaska I am investigating life in Alaska and the people and places that make it special.

Biographical Statement

I grew up in the Midwest, receiving my BFA form Missouri State University and my MFA Indiana University. I have been inspired by travel and adventures. I have taught in the Deep South and now live and teach in Juneau Alaska, enjoying the great outdoors learning to ski, swing dance and about life in a small costal town.

Artist Statement (PDF Download)