Anne Wedler



Cyanotypes combine drawings with a photographic process to expand the scope of drawing from one singular work to multiples, parings, and inversions. The drawings explore the theme of how relocation changes our sense of identity and how identity can be tied to place. Exploring, traveling, relocating is such a common human experience yet it can be life-changing. In the drawings/cyanotypes, objects can have dual roles of being both sources of security while also being a burden. They represent what makes our spaces feel like home, the physical reminders of memories, and identity. Objects become markers of our personalities, time and place and purpose. They will outlast us being left behind to tell a disjointed story of who we were and what we cared about. The objects drawn reference the way that time and nature moves on and that what was once important or special is just another artifact to grow over or around.

Blue moon | 16x 22 inches

Double Venus | 16x 22 inches

New growth | 9x 12 inches

Treasures | 16x 22 inches

Fading signal | 16x 22 inches