Anne Wedler



I am an observational painter interested in narrative and visual metaphor. I find figure painting to be a natural fit for story telling. The extreme can feel so real and unreal at the same time. I love the chaos and adventure of human interaction augmented by the process of growing and trying to make it through life. I place the people in my work at odds with each other or their environments and it comes out a mixture of complicated feelings. I like balancing the fun of chaos with the dual joy and torture of intimacy; solitude as a sanctuary and penance. The feeling of longing or the drive of curiosity is like the painting processes itself. My work has meandered in several directions but has recently solidified around the theme of travel, relocation and explorations as transformative experiences with the ability to change our sense of identity and how identity can be tied to place and purpose. A sense of place is created through color palette, objects and environments. Warm greens for the Deep South, browns for the far-flung prairie and cool blues for the arctic. Saturated palettes referencing the intensity and otherworldly nature of memory. The objects in our lives can be security or burden, make us feel at home or clutter our lives. Objects become markers of our personalities, identities, time and place, and purpose. Wood panel as indexer, color pallets as signifiers, red coats for safety.

Sleeper | 18x 24 inches

The Explorers | 56x 70 inches

Rider | 20x 16 inches

Empty Nest | 36x 48 inches

Secret | 24x 30 inches

Escape With Bike | 19x 18 inches

Trash Raft | 36x 48 inches

Play Fight | 24x 25 inches

Shower | 22x 28 inches

Kim Sitting | 18x 14 inches

Blocking in demo | 12x 12 inches

Storm Chaser | 16x 22 inches

Embrace | 48x 56 inches

Signal Noise | 9x 12 inches

Dancers | 24x 36 inches

Contact | 12x 12 inches

Free To A Good Home | 16x 20 inches

The Longest Winter | 12x 9 inches

Artifacts | 18x 24 inches

Zach in gray | 12x 12 inches

Bear Skull in blue | 16x 20 inches

Face at 35 | 12x 12 inches

Conversation | 9x 12 inches

Transformation | 36x 48 inches